200 Women make a HUGE difference in Otsego County


What kind of impact on the community can 200 women have when they gather together for one hour? They can raise $20,000 for local efforts!! On Tuesday, May 16th, this dynamic group of women came together at The Ellison Place, three members were randomly drawn and had the opportunity to share on behalf of a local organization.  Following the presentations, members voted for the organization they felt was most deserving of the grand prize : $6,000 was awarded to Community Medication Services, $3,000 to Toys for Tots and $1,000 to Alpine Regional Tennis Association.

“When Dana said the next organization was a secret in Gaylord, I thought, “Could Community Mediation Services have been chosen?”  Yes, it was.  I was stunned, but never at a loss for words. I had prepared in my mind what to say if selected.  Don’t bore people with statistics.  Share the idea of mediation.  Remind everyone that they may need or benefit from the service of mediation.  What other Otsego County agency can say that? Tell a couple of stories to make it more real-life for people to understand the possible impact of mediation on their personal situation. And of course answer questions.

The $6,000 award is huge to Community Mediation Services.  We plan to do a 48 hour training in September, 2017 for volunteer mediators.  We also will be able to offset administrative fees for clients that may need assistance paying for the service.  Mediation will never be denied to anyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Again, THANKS to 200 WOMEN in Otsego County.  Now there is an additional group of people who are aware of our service and how to contact Community Mediation Services.” Stated Judi Doan of Community Mediation Services.

All three of these organizations are amazing non-profits that make tremendous impact in the lives of those who live in our community.  The remaining $10,000 was put in the Community Fund of the Otsego County Community Foundations. By supporting the Community Fund, you capitalize on opportunities and sponsor innovative solutions. Established 20 years ago, the Community Fund is a permanent charitable resource that goes through your giving. When you add to the endowment, you help meet the needs of our community today and for years to come.

“So often we hear women say they wish they had more time, more money, more knowledge, 100 Women Who Care breaks down those barriers and each member has a gratifying experience knowing they have truly made a difference in the community they love and with the Community Fund component, that difference isn’t just today or tomorrow, but forever.  That’s powerful.” Said Dana Bensinger, Executive Director of OCCF.

With the generous support of the events sponsors: The Ellison Place, Grand Event Center, BJ’s Catering and Rental and Snowbelt Brewery, 100% of all monies raised was used to benefit the community.