Accountability Statement

The Otsego County Community Foundation is fully accountable to the donors and citizens of our community.  We invite you to contact us to obtain any information that may be useful to you.  Our records, with certain exceptions, are open for public inspection.  These documents include: Minutes of the Board of Directors and Committees, Articles and Bylaws, IRS determination letters, Form 990’s (including all schedules and attachments), Form 990T, annual reports, audit statements, brochures, publications,  news releases, including names of investment managers, fees charged, and body or individuals responsible for  investment and oversight.

The operations of the Otsego County Community Foundation are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community members.  An independent professional audit is completed each year.  Otsego County Community Foundation recently received accreditation with the nation’s highest standard for philanthropic excellence. National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™ establish legal, ethical, effective practices for community foundations everywhere.