Our Committees

Grant Review Committee:  This committee develops the Foundation’s grant program and oversees the grant making process.  It reviews grant applications and recommends payment of grants within the current policy.

Grant Committee Members:

  • Tim Granahan
  • Paul Hartmann, Chair
  • Judy Koronka
  • Janice Lampert
  • Kevin McKinley
  • Cindy Pushman
  • Lisha Ramsdell

Finance Committee:   This committee develops and monitors investment policies and hires and monitors investment consultants and managers.  It also monitors the Foundation’s financial status.

Finance Committee Members:

  • Paul Hartmann
  • Bill Marshall, Chair
  • Eryn Collins

Investment Committee:  Oversees activities related to investment of funds including reviewing the investment policies, spending policies, monitoring investment managers and selecting and terminating the services of investment managers. The committee meets four times a year.

Investment Committee Members:

  • Renee Campbell
  • Bob Courtois, Chair
  • Bill Marshall
  • Luke Noss
  • Steve Qua
  • Kevin Reynolds

Youth Advisory Committee:  This committee oversees the Youth Fund assists the Board of Directors in promoting youth philanthropy and volunteerism.  Co-Advisers Barb Brown and Celeste Szymanski

Education Committee:  This committee serves three purposes.  First, the committee reviews applications and awards those academic scholarships administered by the OCCF.  Second, the committee reviews applications and awards Teacher Mini Grants to local educators.  Third, the committee participates in fundraising activities to build an endowed education fund and pass-through funds to support Teacher Mini Grants.

Education Commitee Members:

  • Pete Handley, Chair
  • Jim Hilgendorf
  • Rich Marshall
  • Jill Miner
  • Brian Pearson

Nominating Committee: This committee is responsible for nominating and recruiting new board members.

Nominating Commitee Members:

  • Paul Hartmann
  • Janice Lampert
  • Mary Tomaski, Chair

Asset Development Committee: Establishes a development strategy and creates a fund development plan, which is then implemented by all board members.

Asset Development Committee Members:

  • Janice Lampert, Chair