Are you 10-19 years old? Please join us for the first 100 Youth Who Care Event.

On June 20th at noon, the Youth Advisory Committee invites you to the first 100 Youth Who Care Event at the Headwaters Room inside Jay’s Sporting Goods. How do you become a member? It’s easy:

If you are between 10-19 years old and would like to become a member, please complete the Membership-Commitment-Form.

What can you expect during the event? You will be greeted by a Youth Advisory Committee member and asked to check-in. There will be time for mingling with other fabulous, like-minded youth and eating pizza and chips and salsa.

Generally, the afternoon will go as follows:

11:30 am – Check-in, present your cash/check donation of $20.00, mingle, and eat pizza from Jet’s Pizza, and chips and salsa from La Senorita

12:00 pm – Program begins:

  • Opening remarks from the Youth Advisory Committee
  • An explanation of the charity selection and voting process is given
  • Three (3) charities will each have five (5) minutes to present their charity to the group. A brief Q&A will follow each presenter. The three charities chosen to tell their organization’s story at this first event are Otsego County Library, Otsego County Child Welfare Alliance, and the Otsego County Food Pantry
  • Members will submit their anonymous ballot and the votes will be tabulated
  • The Youth Advisory Committee will say a few words of thanks and tell the group about the Youth Advisory Committee and Philanthropy
  • The charity with the most votes is announced
  • That afternoon, half the monies raised at the event will support the needs of today while the other half goes into the Youth Fund
  • You just did something amazing and impactful!

1:00 pm – Event is adjourned

Grab friends and help make an impact in the community you love!