Are you attending the 1st 100 Men Who Care event?

During the Otsego County Community Foundations planning of the second 100 Women Who Care event, a local businessman asked an insightful question, “When are you going to plan a 100 Men Who Care event?” That question has led to the formation of the first OCCF 100 Men Who Care event on August 15th with doors opening at 7:30 am at the Headwaters Room located inside Jay’s Sporting Goods.

What makes the event so special? Imagine 100 of Otsego County’s men coming together for one hour to make a huge impact in the lives of many. “The concept is simple,” said Dana Bensinger, Executive Director of the Otsego County Community Foundation. “One hundred men meet once a year and agree to donate $100 each to a local charity or charities that is nominated by and voted on by the membership.  That means over $10,000 invested in local charities right here in Otsego County.” 100% of all monies raised is given back to the community. One half that morning and the other half to support the Community Fund of the Otsego County Community Foundation to grant in the future. –

To help with this event six men have agreed to be ambassadors: Scott Chesley, Jeff Smetzer, Kyle Yohe, Mark Copeland, Cal McNamara and Rob Pallerito.

“I got involved with 100 Men Who Care because I wanted to make a positive impact in our community.  Another reason that I became an ambassador for this event is to educate people on the Community Foundation and all the amazing things they do here in our area. This event will also give me the opportunity to nominate a non-profit that impacted me. I will be nominating Gaylord Youth Football because football and athletics have shaped my life and in doing so made me the person that I am today.” stated Cal McNamara.

The businessman who asked the insightful question about having a 100 Men Who Care event was Jeff Smetzer who said “The reason I help volunteer is to help people that need a bit of help themselves”.

We would like to thank Jay’s Sporting Goods and Cops and Donuts who have agreed to be this years event sponsors. “Who wouldn’t want to attend an event the offered donuts?” We all can make a difference. Be one of the 100 Men Who Care. “stated Scott Chesley

The organization has now started its membership drive. If you want to join other men in making a big impact in the community please visit