Are you a college sophomore or junior pursuing a degree in science?

The OCCF manages several scholarship funds established by generous donors who want to support students furthering their education.  The Irene Angus Science Scholarship is awarded each year to a college sophomore or junior pursuing a degree in science.          

“She inspired her students to be interested.  She gave us opportunities to observe and experiment…”

It all started with a road trip…

In the summer of 1929, Irene Angus and two of her  friends packed up their car and made the long drive from Gaylord to Yellowstone National Park—no small feat for three ladies seeking knowledge and adventure in the “Roaring ‘20’s!”

Miss Angus was a beloved science teacher in Gaylord.  For many years, she influenced and encouraged her students to observe and respond to the world around them.   She made a thorough account of her Yellowstone trip in a carefully handwritten journal that she titled To Yellowstone and Back.

“It has been passed down through the family,” says Dora Lou Southern.  Miss Angus was her teacher, and her mother’s cousin.  “It is an interesting book of observation.  It shows how she looked at the world.  She used postcards and pictures out of magazines, too.  She was very detailed and organized.”

Mrs. Southern wanted to share this fascinating diary with others, but it was not in good condition.  “I knew it had to be preserved,” she says.  “I reproduced it as best as I could.”  Mrs. Southern began the painstaking process of going over each entry, typing it into her computer and finally getting the journal published.  Proceeds from To Yellowstone and Back were used to start the Irene Angus Scholarship Fund of the Otsego County Community Foundation.  Each year, the Angus Fund awards a scholarship to a deserving college student who is pursuing a degree in the science field.

Dora Lou Southern believes that the Otsego County Community Foundation is the perfect place to hold her teacher’s legacy. “This is all about Irene Angus and her dedication to education.  It’s nice that the foundation chooses students in the local area where she taught.”

To apply for this scholarship please click here.  If you have any questions please call 989-731-0597