Awarded Grant Changed Lives

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium received a grant from Otsego County Community Foundation of $600.00 to support their vision, and unite job seekers with employers, working toward a prosperous future. These funds were used to assist seven job seekers with the required items they needed to be successful in their new jobs.

Because of the support…

A single mother trying to overcome homelessness and unemployment was able to get the required work clothing she needed to start a new job and begin to get back on her feet.

A man struggling to take care of his ill mother and cope with the recent loss of both his son and father found a full-time position after his seasonal employment ended. Because of the grant, he was ale to get required clothing he needed for the job.

A stay-at-home mother found herself in a tight situation when her husband could no longer support their family. She was able to pay for her gas to/from her new job for the few weeks prior to her initial paycheck.

A single father got help purchasing the necessary work uniform required for his new position as a home health care worker, as well as gas assistance prior to his first paycheck.

A father of two found a new position quickly after he lost his job, but he’d exhausted the family’s savings on food and rent. He was able to pay for gas for the weeks prior to his first paycheck because of the grant.

These seven members of our community were able to improve their lives with assistance from the Community Fund of the Otsego County Community Foundation. With your support of our multiple events – Extreevaganza, 100+ Women Who Care and 100 Men Who Care – you’ve helped grow the fund to make an impact in others’ lives.

Just a few of the stories…….

Amanda Bergey – 

When Amanda Bergey came to Michigan Works!, she was living in a tent in her parent’s backyard. On the way to Michigan Works!, she hit a deer, totaling her car. Things were not looking good.

With help from Michigan Works!, Amanda found a better paying job that even offered benefits, but she needed special boots for the position. Thanks to the Otsego County Community Foundation Grant, Michigan Works! was able to help Amanda get the required clothing necessary for her new job.

Amanda says, “Without Michigan Works!, I would not have found this job. I did not qualify for their Direct Placement program and needed certain boots for my new job. I was told about a grant that Otsego County Community Foundation had awarded Michigan Works! for situations such as mine. Without this help I would not be able to get the required clothing needed to start my new job. Thank you!”

Stanley Pattenaude

When Stanley Pattenaude came to Michigan Works!, he was in a tight spot. Due to company reorganization, Stanley had recently lost his job. He looked for a new job and landed one. The only problem was the new job was 30+ miles away and Stanley had exhausted his savings. He didn’t even have enough left over to pay for gas to/from his new position prior to his first paycheck.

Thanks to the awarded grant, Michigan Works! was able to help Stanley pay for gas to/from his new job during the 2 weeks prior to his first paycheck.

“Michigan Works! is a great resource to have in our community and help when other agencies do not,” said Stanley.

Patrick Halstead-

Patrick Halstead was let go from his job as a Service Technician and was left with only one paycheck to get him and his family through until his unemployment started. He has a family of four and his wife is a stay at home mother.

Patrick came to Michigan Works! to help him find a new job. With bills coming due and his family counting on him, he knew there was no time to waste. He couldn’t let pride get in the way of asking for help. Michigan Works! was able to help Patrick find a new job as a Contractor, making almost 40% more than he made at his previous job. They also helped him with gas vouchers to get him to/from his new job before he got his first paycheck.  “The ladies at Michigan Works! have been so amazing helping me out,” says Patrick. “Shelly, Kassie and Beth worked so hard for me, and quickly, too. By helping with gas money to get to and from my new job, I was able to continue to support my family. I’m very thankful.”

Eric Everson

Eric Everson came to Michigan Works! as a single father seeking employment. He was struggling due to lack of income and employable abilities. He needed help to overcome his barriers and get the resources required to find employment. Michigan Works! helped Eric perform job searches, and he soon found employment as a home health care worker. In addition, thanks to the Otsego County Community Foundation Grant, Michigan Works! was able to help Eric get the necessary uniform required for his new position, as well as help him pay for gas to get to his new job for the week prior to his first paycheck.

“Michigan Works! has come to help me when I didn’t think there would ever be a solution. I felt like giving up until I walked into the office and the staff helped me in every way possible,” said Eric. “My new employment has more opportunities to move up and get paid a better wage with a better work schedule. Michigan Works is a gift from God,” He goes on, “I learned you should never give up. The challenges I faced were lack of income and stability for me and my son. I have overcome these by pushing forward and staying positive.”