Reasons to Give

The Possibility of Permanence

Your gift to the Otsego County Community Foundation can be made to a permanent endowment fund that will benefit our community in perpetuity. Your gift will have a lasting impact.


We offer a wide range of options so that you can fulfill your charitable wishes now and in the future.  Gifts may be designated for special causes or left unrestricted.


Establishing a fund with the Otsego County Community Foundation saves you time and money.  We handle all of the paperwork in our local office.


One gift to the Otsego County Community Foundationn can support many charitable causes.  As a public charity, the Foundation is free from the operating restrictions, excise taxes, and administrative requirements imposed upon private foundations.  That means more of each gift can be used for charitable purposes.

Professional Management and Accountability

The Otsego County Community Foundation works closely with professional financial managers whose investment decisions are monitored by our Finance and Investment Committee and our Board of Directors.  All Community Foundation gifts received and grants made are detailed in our Annual Report, as are the results of an annual independent professional audit.

Community Impact

Our staff, committee members, and Board of Directors have extensive knowledge of community needs, current trends, and local nonprofit organizations.  Because of our broad perspective, we ensure that the grants we award are targeted to where they will have the most impact.