Five OCCF funds band together to support Treetops Military League

Treetops Resort is proud to introduce a unique and powerful program that will benefit the military community, both those still in active service or veterans.  “We’ve supported Military initiatives at Treetops for over 10 years but what was missing was the consistent connection with our veterans and actives.  We’ve had some major success with our PGA Junior League program because of the format that allows for very good players and those that are just starting to mix.  Using the Scramble, Match Play format just like we use for PGA Junior League has allowed us to create a very inclusive program for our military veterans and actives attracting all ages, genders and skill levels.  Throwing in instruction from our award-winning Director of Instruction, Joe Charles will allow their skills to progress throughout the season as well.” stated Kevin McKinley, PGA and Director of Golf and Ski Operations at Treetops Resort.

Kevin didn’t want to put a financial hardship on those participating so he submitted an application to the  Community grant program . During the presentation, he asked two veterans to talk about how golf has impacted their lives. What followed was support from five separate funds of the OCCF: The Community Fund, The Dr. Patrick J. McNamara Fund, The Scott and Janice Lampert Fund, Treetops Charity Fund and the Jeff and Lynne Smetzer Fund.

“We have family currently serving in the military in a war zone and wanted to support the military in general with this funding.   It appears to be a good event and we are glad we can help them in this manner.” noted Jeff Smetzer

In June Karin Beyer , OCCF Community Liaison, went to Treetops Resort to meet and talk with participates of the league. When talking with Gaylord native Greg Crawford, a veteran and current member of the National Guard, he told her that “he is proud that his hometown supports the military with this golf program and applauds the Otsego County Community Foundation for awarding a grant to the program”. Frank Vick travels from Lewiston to “seek camaraderie and that unparalleled brotherhood that he had in the military. “ Veteran Mark Haswirth  “thanks the OCCF for this opportunity to make new friends and to tell stories about experiences.”

The members of the Military Golf League feel truly blessed to have to program in this community.  ” I just wanted to thank you for creating the Military Golf League.  We’ve only met three times this year but I know it is the talk of the town, when veterans get together in Gaylord.  I believe that whenever veterans get together it is a good thing.  When we do, we talk about things with other veterans that we just do not talk about with non-veterans.  Talking about our military days helps us put to rest memories that some of us have carried for all our adult lives.  I’ve seen it happen at the airport coffees and the Elks lunches.  Now I am seeing it happen at Treetops.  You are doing more good than you know.” noted Jim Steward, Junior Vice-Commander, Gaylord VFW 1518

The league will finish the season with a banquet on September 2nd as part of the annual Patriot Golf Day Celebration at Treetops.