Friends of the Foundation

In 2014, the OCCF Board of Directors, after much discussion and desire to increase organization sustainability, introduced Friends of the Foundation. A raffle concept was created for those who wanted to give back to the community they love and assist with the short and long-term sustainability of the OCF, all while having five chances to win $1,000 cash each month.  We are pleased to announce that this has been a successful endeavor. We were able to maintain a conservative operating budget and put a little away for the future, while significantly expanding our programs and services.

As we move into 2019, we are simplifying Friends of the Foundation. To magnify the impact giving and make it 100% tax deductible, the raffle portion will be eliminated. The goal is to raise $100,000 while maximizing your generosity and increasing the capacity of the OCF.

What will change What will stay the same
Contributions will be 100% tax deductible Your generosity will continue to support the good work of the OCF
Ability to give stock or IRA rollover A portion of your gift will support current operations and a portion will be invested for the future in the Cornerstone Fund
Friendship will be expanded to all giving levels You can make a one-time gift or reoccurring monthly gifts

You can be part of the new initiative by clicking here.

“We are extremely thankful for the support of our ‘friends’ the past four years. As a result of their generosity, the organization has made significant progress, serving more donors and nonprofits, as well as increasing our own sustainability. Eliminating the raffle means we have more time dedicated to our mission,” said Dana Bensinger, executive director.

“Support from our friends will continue to be important, but now gifts of all sizes will make a big difference.”