Fund Update: Otsego County Cop Fund

The law enforcement community has a special place in their hearts for children. They selflessly give their time and talents to help enrich the lives of youth through programs like Shop with a Cop, multiple school outreach programs, and community events. The Fraternal Order of the Police #175  wants to make sure that they leave a lasting impact in Otsego County and have established the Otsego County Cops Fund. Rudi Edel, representative of the FOP, sat down with OCCF staff member Karin Beyer to answer some questions about this fund.

Who are the Fraternal Order of Police #175?

We are a group in the law enforcement community made up of active, retired, and past members who have served Otsego County. This fraternal organization has a strong membership who meet monthly at the Otsego County airport.

What is the mission of the Otsego County Cops Fund?

The mission is a simple one: to provide revenue for programs that serve the youth of Otsego County, not only today, but tomorrow.

You are focusing on the youth of the community. Why?

That is one of the goals of the FOP. To help foster youth into responsible, law-abiding, community-minded adults. If you support programs affecting the youth and show by example how to give back to your community, we feel the youth will grow into adults who will have a positive impact in the communities in which they live.

How did the funds become available to start the Otsego County Cops Fund?

The FOP had its own lodge located in Gaylord, used for meetings and Fraternal Order of Police gatherings. The current membership voted to sell the lodge and use the proceeds to start a fund at the Otsego County Community Foundation. The revenues earned will be allocated for youth focused projects in Otsego County. This fund at OCCF  is a gift to the community from the entirety of the members of the law enforcement community both past and present.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yes, we want everyone to know the FOP #175 is still meeting monthly and is still actively involved within the community. The fund will not be stagnate, as the FOP membership will make additional deposits. We invite anyone who would like to make a donation into the fund to contact the Otsego County Community Foundation or click here and select the Otsego County Cops Fund.

The Otsego County Cops Fund is a Field of Interest Fund within the OCCF. A Field of Interest Fund allows a donor or group of donors to establish a fund that addresses issues of specific interest to them.