Teacher Mini-Grants

Since 2005, over $60,000 in Teacher Mini-Grants have been awarded to fund 85 different education programs throughout our county.  The funding originally came from many different fundraisers such as Stand Up for Education, Golf Passports, and Lights for Learning, as well as local business committed to local education including  Dunn’s Business Solutions, Saturn Booksellers ,Eagle 101.5 FM WMJ, and OCCF  donor advised funds including the Scott and Janice Lampert Fund, William and Linda Muzyl Fund and the Treetops Charity Fund.

In March of 2014, the UAW Local 388 Educators Fund was established to provide support for programming initiated by PreK-12th grade teachers though-out Otsego County.  This was made possible by the generosity of Cooper Standard Automotive salary and hourly employees.

Mary Gapinski, a longtime member of U.A.W said, “The fund gives educators the tools they need to help students and the opportunity to explore more hands on learning.” Gapiniski explained how many classrooms lack basic equipment, and the U.A.W Local 388 Educator Fund fills the void.

Cody Ferrier, an English teacher at Vanderbilt Area schools, stated, ““We can’t thank the U.A.W. enough for providing us with tools to better educate our students.  There are many wonderful resources for furthering learning, and the Otsego County Community Foundation is doing their part for our community by ensuring we have access to those resources.”

Ferrier and Vanderbilt Area schools received full funding for the Interactive Classroom for Interactive World project that supplies applications such as the Shakespeare Pro app for students to explore difference outlets of learning.

Gapinski expressed how she and the Fund believe giving to teacher and students was the obviously choice. When asked why the Cooper-Standard crew looked to education, Gapinski exclaimed, “Because children are our future!” Through Cooper-Standards generosity and the Otsego County Community Foundation’s commitment, the Local U.A.W Local 388 Educator Fund is making a big impact in the community where it matters most; the future.

The UAW Local 388 Educators fund along with other funds of the foundation will provide the grant money for Teacher Mini -Grants this year as well as support the needs of educators for years to come.

Teacher mini-grant applications for 2017 will be available September 19th until October 3rd.

Please click on the link below for grant guidelines and the application.

2017 Mini Grant Application

Teacher mini-grant in action

Worm Farm

Worm Farm