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Welcome to the OCCF Board View page.

This protected page is where you will find all the materials for board meetings as well as an opportunity for you to check out our website at least once per month. As we give this a try please share your feedback, questions, concerns, etc. If you find errors please bring them to my attention so I can correct them.

2017 Board Packs

Click on month to find agendas, minutes, and other materials for board meetings.


2017 Board Meeting Schedule

January 12     *    February 9   *    March 9   *    April 13

May 11          *      June 8             *    Off in July    *   August 10

Sept 14           *       Oct 12          *       Nov 9       *      Off in December

All meetings are from 8:00am-9:30am at the University Center unless otherwise noted. Meetings are scheduled every month on the second Thursday of the month. If you can’t make a meeting please contact Paul Slough, Chairperson at 989-217-1395.

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