How it works

  • One (1) time per year our members show up with a $100 check in hand to give BIG.
  • Each member has the opportunity to nominate a local organization. There are eligibility requirements and nominations must be approved at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting (by August 2nd).
  • At each meeting, three (3) nominated and approved organizations will be randomly drawn “from the hat”.  The nominating member will be asked to make an informal presentation, of up to five minutes, to the group about their organization’s mission and why it is deserving of the members’ vote (no PowerPoint or collateral materials, please). If a nominating member is not in attendance another organization will be drawn.
  • Members will have the opportunity to ask questions after each presentation.
  • After the presentations and Q&A, an anonymous ballot is held and the organization with the most votes will be the recipient of a $5000 grant.
  • Each member writes a $100 check made out to the Otsego County Community Foundation (OCCF). Members who are not in attendance must send a check with a trusted friend or mail their check to the OCCF before the meeting. There is no proxy voting.
  • All of the checks are collected by the OCCF and a grant for $5000 is given to the selected charity within two (2) weeks of the meeting; the remainder is put into the Community Fund.
  • The selected charity is then invited back to the next meeting to share with members the BIG impact their donations have made.
  • Still have questions? 100 Men Who Care FAQ