Learn about the Vanderbilt Fund

In 2016 Raymond and Frances Kuehn Hoobler approached the Otsego County Community Foundation to set up a donor advised fund that would impact the Vandebilt area. Ray and his wife live in New York but spend the summers along the shores of the Pigeon River in a house that his family has owned for generations. After the meeting, the Vanderbilt Fund was established.

This July OCCF Community Liaison Karin Beyer meet and interviewed Ray about the Vanderbilt Fund.

Q: Why did you start the Vanderbilt Fund:

A. First, I want to say that my wife and I feel we have an obligation to the Vanderbilt area. The money used for the fund is from mineral royalties that are generated from our Northern Michigan property. It is important to give back to an area that has generated the revenue and that has given us personal memories.

Q: Why did you choose to have a student benefit from the fund?

A: I’m a teacher at City College in New York and know how important it is for students to have the tools that they need to excel in life. We have come to the realization that continuing an education past high school lets you achieve your dreams.

Q: How do you want the student who receives the Vanderbilt Fund to use the monies?

A: The Fund is established to give the student an opportunity to expand their horizons in any form of higher education that they choose. This could be a 4-year University, a trade school or a 2-year college program. If they’re eligible for financial aid then the funds can be used for books or lab fees.

Q: Who was this year’s recipient?

A. Trace Teeling was selected this year. He was involved with basketball, student council and National Honor Society and was proud to be on the honor roll every year. He will be attend Central Michigan University in the fall.

Q: Would you like to share anything else?

A: Yes. We would like to invite anyone else who has a passion for helping young adults in Vanderbilt to pursue their dreams to contact the Otsego County Community Foundation and give a tax-free donation to the Vanderbilt Fund. It is important that the community has the students backs.

“The OCCF connects people who care to the causes that matter and the Vanderbilt Fund is a perfect example . It is a donor advised fund, which is one of your most popular products and a great option for those who want to be engaged with their local philanthropy. Donr’s come to us with a wish and we help them make that come true”. noted Dana Bensinger, OCCF Executive Director.