Little League – Big Results

Over the past fifteen months, Gaylord Little League has received grants from two OCCF Funds. In 2017, the organization was nominated at 100 Men Who Care and the recipient of the $5,000 grant from the Community Fund. In the spring of 2018, the Skerratt Family Fund also recommended a grant to the organization.

“It is a highlight of my job to work with donor advised funds, like the Skerratt Family Fund. Each fund has its own charitable goals, with a common goal of strengthening our community,” said executive director Dana Bensinger.

“We are so excited to support the Gaylord Little League program through our family fund. Our dad, Jeff, loved to watch us and others learn the sport of baseball through little league. He enjoyed coaching and supporting this program. The Gaylord Little League is family-oriented and fun – two things our dad valued most. We feel very lucky that we can honor our dad through this grant!, said Amy Skerratt.

“In addition to working with the funds, it is always great to hear how the organizations receiving grants utilize the funds.” said Bensinger.

In 2018, Gaylord Little League touched the lives of over 500 players (ages 4 ½ – 15), and over 130 registered volunteers for coaching and concessions. All of those involved have gained leadership skills, sportsmanship qualities, and worked as a team for the betterment of this program. What do the participants think about Gaylord Little League? 

“We have all met new friends and we have learned to work together as a team. If we make a mistake, our teammates cheer us up and tell us we will get the next one. It’s a lot of fun, too!” – Nick, Gaylord Little Leaguer 

“I get to meet new friends and play softball with them!” – Lily, Gaylord Little Leaguer 

“Little League has helped us conquer our fears and learn from our mistakes. Every kid should play Little League.” – Aythen, Gaylord Little Leaguer 

“We love playing Little League because it has some of the best coaches.” – Brody, Gaylord Little Leaguer 

Gaylord Little League is much more than just bats, balls, a field, dugouts, or any of the other dozens of physical items that go into baseball and softball. Over the years, it has become a leadership program for both children and adults, with the aim of helping children to become good citizens. Youth learn the positive values of good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork – values they can use throughout their lives. Adults involved as volunteers in Gaylord Little League gain a sense of belonging in a community and can convey their leadership qualities to today’s youth, so they will grow to be tomorrow’s leaders. 

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