Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin McKinley

  • What attracted you to become involved with the OCCF?

Knowing that what our resort is doing now will impact our community well into the future.  My desire to leave            my position as the caretaker of Treetops charitable giving better for the next person who has this role can be                fulfilled through the Community Foundation.


  • In your opinion, what is the most important work that this organization does?

          Strategically, diligently and carefully grant resources back into our community.


  • What’s it like to volunteer for the OCCF?

         It’s easy….the staff is amazing at putting the correct information in front of you to insure that no time is wasted            when giving of my time.

         It’s rewarding….the staff is terrific in showing results of impacted organizations to those who support the                      Foundation with time, talents and treasures.


  • What OCCF committees have you been involved with?

           Grant Committee and Board of Directors



  • What do you hope the organization will achieve soon? In the long term?

The ability to sustain the operating budget with fees from its funds so that all fundraising dollars can enhance              the grant budget.

        Ultimately to increase the operating budget so that our talented Executive Director can spend more time on fund         growth as opposed to menial tasks….currently this seems to moving in a good direction.


  • Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement? In providing inspiration?

My wife Jill McKinley is my biggest supporter even when she knows that my involvement may take me away                from honey-do lists at home.  She sees the bigger picture and is willing to share me with others knowing that                our community will benefit.  She not only supports me but she gives of her time as well.

         I’m continually inspired each year by grant applicants who share their passion for what they believe in with the            grant committee. 

  • What do you wish other people knew about OCCF?

           As most individuals should plan for their own future, I see this as a 401K program for our community.  Needs             are always going to be there so although meeting a need in a certain year is admirable, the community                             foundation allows needs to be met well into the future.

           The OCCF Board of Directors and Staff are fantastic stewards of the money.  The board is not willing to do the             same things over and over again just because “that’s how we’ve always done it”.  They continually look for ways            to make sure that your investment in this communities future can make the biggest impact possible.


  • Do you have a message to share?

         I was the recipient of a grant this year for the newly formed MILITARY GOLF LEAGUE at Treetops.  As a                     member of the grant committee, I was fortunate to know and understand what the grant committee was looking         for when I gave my presentation.  What I did know is that MILITARY GOLF LEAGUE was something that was           not being furnished to the community already and that it would be great to get veterans and actives out on the             courses on a weekly basis.  What I did not know was the profound impact that our program would have on                     would be participants.  I invited two disabled veterans to speak about how golf has impacted their lives and I                 knew that it had a positive impact on both of them.  However, when one of them made the comment….”If it                   wasn’t for golf, I’d probably be dead”, my already large inspiration for creating this program got that much                    bigger.  As a member of the grant committee, these head turning moments happen every year as we see the                 TREMENDOUS GOOD that this Foundation is doing in our community on a regular basis and to a very wide               cross section of the population.


  • What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering for the OCCF?

          There are so many facets of this Foundation that volunteers are needed.  Talk to a board member, the Executive           Director or a Staff Member to see where you fit the best because I guarantee there’s a spot you’ll fit and                           contribute.


  • Originally from Muskegon, MI
  • 1992 Graduate from Muskegon Orchard View High School
  • 1996 Graduate from Alma College BS Business Administration
  • Became a PGA Member in 2002 earning the Acushnet Scholarship for receiving the highest grades in Michigan for that year.
  • Work Experience
    • Pine River CC – Assistant Golf Pro (2 years)
    • Crystal Mountain – Assistant Golf Pro; promoted to Head Golf Pro (6 years)
    • Treetops – Head Golf Pro; promoted to current position as Director of Golf. (13 years)
  • Michigan Section of the PGA Service
    • Secretary, Vice President and President of the Northern Chapter
    • Board Member
    • Patriot Golf Day Committee Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee Chairman
    • Secretary, Vice President, Incoming President in 2017
    • National Inclusion Committee Member
  • Awards
    • PGA of America Patriot Award
    • Michigan PGA Golf Professional of the Year
    • Michigan PGA Patriot Award
    • Otsego County Chamber of Commerce Daune Weiss Business Person of the Year Award
    • of Military and Veterans Affairs Legion of Merit
    • Camp Grayling Civilian of the Year
    • Michigan Army National Guard Civilian of the Year
  • Family
    • Wife Jill
    • Children (7), Andrew 19, Lizzy 15, Kaylie 14, Emma 12, Hogan 9, Henry 8, Cooper 7