Join the MI Truth Tour

In partnership with the Bridge Magazine, the Otsego County Community Foundation has volunteered to screen the newly released documentary, Michigan Divided, on May 2nd, from 6:30 pm – 8 pm at the Gornick Auditorium. This is a community event and all are welcome. Bridge Magazine is a nonpartisan and nonprofit and the winner of “Michigan’s Best Newspaper” in 2016 and 2017. Michigan Divided is a 60 … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Leadership Series: Board Basics Workshop

  Build a Better Foundation for Your Organization with Board Basics Workshop Huron Pines, Otsego County Community Foundation and Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan offer training workshop for nonprofit board members   Gaylord, MI—A strong board is the foundation of a strong organization. That’s why Huron Pines has been bringing the Board Basics workshop to Northern … [Read more...]

Women make a difference in philanthropy

Over two hundred women came together May 16th, 2017, and donated $100.00 each to the Otsego County Community Foundation. That night, $20,000 was raised to impact local non-profit efforts! These compassionate, generous women listened to three organization tell their stories that night. The stories were full of hope, joy, and the struggles of others. Following the presentations, members voted for … [Read more...]

We Heard Youth!

  In order to fund grants that properly respond to the needs of Otsego County Youth, the OCCF Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) conducts a Youth Needs Survey. This year, our YAC came together and decided to revamp the survey to include questions that weren't pertinent when the last survey was administered. After many edits, the survey was opened to responses from January 25th to March 1st. … [Read more...]

Turning IRAs into charitable good

Good news for those in their 70s—and for the communities and causes they care about most: a permanent law makes it possible to give individual retirement account (IRA) assets to charity, free from federal tax, annually. Prior to 2006, all lifetime distributions from IRAs were taxed—even those given to charity. As such, donors can give far more with less! This may be an attractive giving option … [Read more...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Meghan Spires

What attracted you to become involved with the OCCF? I did a college internship with the foundation one summer and I fell in love with the organization and their mission. In your opinion, what is the most important work that this organization does? Having a sense of community is very important to me. The foundation brings together the entire area to touch and make a difference in multiple … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Exchange

OCCF is dedicated to increasing the capacity of local nonprofit organizations.  Over the past two years we have been engaging with this group to ask a question that many funders don't ask and that is "What do you need?"  Of course, funding, access to funding, skills to capture the funding were on the wish list, however other needs included opportunities to connect with other nonprofits, to share … [Read more...]

Animal Love: Nancy K. Deerfield Fur Kids Fund

  A Girl and her Animals On February 17th, Mike Deerfield sat down with OCCF staff member Karin Beyer and talked about his mother and the endowed fund that was established in her honor, the Nancy K. Deerfield Fur Kids Fund. Why did you start the Nancy K. Deerfield Fur Kids Fund? My mom was a lover of animals her whole life. She was born in 1933, an only a child in Detroit, and her … [Read more...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Peter Amar

Volunteer Spotlight: Peter Amar What attracted you to become involved with the OCCF? In 2002, I was invited to join the OCCF Board.  At the time, I knew very little about community foundations but the organization’s mission spoke to me and so I agreed to serve. I was on the board for nine years and really enjoyed the opportunity.  During the last few years, I have volunteered on a few short-term … [Read more...]

Are you a college sophomore or junior pursuing a degree in science?

The OCCF manages several scholarship funds established by generous donors who want to support students furthering their education.  The Irene Angus Science Scholarship is awarded each year to a college sophomore or junior pursuing a degree in science.           "She inspired her students to be interested.  She gave us opportunities to observe and experiment…” It all started with a road … [Read more...]