Youth Advisory Committee makes history.



The Youth Advisory Committee held their first meeting of the school year on Sunday, September 17th. YAC members are a pivotal committee within the OCCF for advancing the empowerment of the counties youth and in developing young leaders.  The Otsego County Community Foundation is excited that there are over 20 youth involved with the committee this year. The membership includes students from all Otsego County Schools for the first time in history, which will be beneficial during youth need discussions and grantmaking.  The mission of the Youth Advisory Committee is to provide the youth with a voice to empower the community through positive impact and growth, one grant at a time.

The committee has decided to make a bigger impact in the community during meetings with a service project each month. The September service project was writing thank you notes to veterans of  22-2 None which is a non-profit organization lead by a board of fellow Veterans to help raise awareness and provide support in hopes to combat veteran suicide.

This year they will be working on an updated Youth Needs survey that the youth of Otsego County will take. “ The Youth Needs Survey is one of our greatest tools in assessing what the youth in our community feel strongly about. Without this tool, we wouldn’t have a complete picture of where to allocate funds in the county” stated YAC member Josh Moody.  The information that is gathered will help the YAC committee to know what organizations they should help fund during the Community Grant Program.

If you see any of the Youth Advisory Committee throughout town please give them a thank you for their time and energy in making Otsego County a better place to live. Members include: Josh Moody (President), Anna Torsky (Vice President), Hannah Johnston (Secretary), Sara Daugherty (Treasurer and YAC representative on OCCF board), James Brazelton (Historian), Gracie Blust, Katie Bowen, Emily Brazelton, Kaitlyn Campbell, Elizabeth Eaton, Claire Gilling, Andrew Handley, Eliza Handley, Libby Johnston, Elizabeth Pallarito, Daniel Reynolds, Rebecca Reynolds, Caitlin Robbins, Elissa Rollins, Angela Sharkey, Noah Snyder and Elijah Yocum.

If you or someone that you know would like to join this dynamic group of youth please visit our website and fill out the Youth Advisory Committee application.