The Otsego County Community Foundation Youth Fund was one of five finalist  chosen to participate in Community Financial Thumbs Up for Charity grant contest, after being nominated by community members. From April 10th until April 21st the five finalist were asked to have people vote daily . “With the support of WMJZ – The Eagle and daily Facebook pictures and videos of  YAC members to remind people to vote, we were able to reach out to the community and those people who live out of town. The encouraging comments about the committee where inspiring to read” noted Karin Beyer, YAC  Adviser. After the voting was finished The Youth Fund received 2nd place, which earned them $5,000.  “It’s great to see that YAC received all this support and got this money. I know this will help us build our endowment and to support some awesome organizations who are trying to improve our community” quoted Anna Burt, Youth Advisory Committee member and Gaylord High School student.

After hearing of the announcement that the Youth Fund was a finalist, an anonymous donor contacted the OCCF and offered to match any winnings dollar for dollar. This presented a wonderful opportunity.  This 10,000 dollar total investment into the Youth Fund is the largest donation since the endowment was established in 2002.

“It is special to think that so many supporters helped secure these funds through voting. This $10,000 will  not only be invested and used to award grants that impact youth in our county for years to come, but also empower youth through leadership training and community involvement.  They are our future.”  noted Dana Bensinger, Executive Director of OCCF.