Youth Needs Survey

“To provide the youth with a voice to empower the community through positive impact and growth, one grant at a time.” YAC Mission Statement

 Youth Needs Survey important to the community because:

  • Each year the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)  is entrusted with the responsibility of funding various grants to improve the lives of the youth in Otsego County.
  • The youth of the community have a strong voice concerning issues that affect them. If you are a member of Otsego County, ages 13-18, we’d love to hear your input.
  • The survey results are shared with all Community Funding Partners of the Community Grant Program.
  • To fulfill our goal of understanding the diverse needs of minors within our county.


Please take our short youth needs survey to let your voice be heard in our community by March 1st. It is essential to have participation from as many students as possible. Click here to take the Youth Needs Survey

What type of questions are asked on the Youth Needs Survey. Click on a video link to view sample questions.

Elijah Video       Kate Video      Libby Video


To learn more about YAC visit the Youth Advisory page.