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There are many scholarships available through the Community Foundation, thanks to generous donors who care about the future of your county and its young people.




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Scholarship Opportunities


Butcher Academic Scholarship ($1000)

Awarded in memory of Jesse G. and Violette S. Butcher to a student showing outstanding academic achievement and planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  One year only. Open to GHS graduating students


Edward and Frances Burzynski Scholarship ($500)

Awarded to a student planning on continuing their education at an accredited institution to study agriculture, veterinary science, forestry or a related field.  Open to any Otsego County graduating senior. This scholarship can be renewed for additional years by maintaining a 2.0 GPA and continuing to be enrolled in a field of study above. 


Kathryn M. Tripp Scholarship ($1000)

Awarded in memory of Kathryn M. Tripp, who taught 6th grade in the Gaylord Community School system for 30 years, to a graduating senior planning to earn a degree in Education and enter the teaching profession. Preference will be given to applicants who have displayed leadership, extra-curricular involvement and a commitment to academics. Additional consideration will be given to those who have overcome hardship or adversity and/or demonstrate financial need. Open to Gaylord High School graduating students.

Donald H. & Helen S. Crandall Scholarship ($500)

Awarded to graduating high school senior in Otsego County, who has overcome adversity. Preference given to students pursuing careers in education.


Captain Nicholson Scholarship ($1000)

Awarded to a student from a small community with big dreams. Open to all at Johannesburg-Lewiston schools.  


Class of 2007 Scholarship ($1000)

Awarded to a GHS senior that embodies the characteristics that are important to the Class of 2007: school spirit, hard work, and inclusivity.  


Freel Family Scholarship ($1500)

Awarded to an outstanding student planning to pursue higher education at an accredited institution. This scholarship is needs-based and renewable with reapplication. Open to Gaylord High School graduating students.

Louis and Rose Marie Tebbe Scholarship ($1000)

Awarded to a hard working student.  Preference given to students of military families or those pursuing a medical career. Open to all Otsego County students.

Harold and Norma Elgas Reach Scholarship ($500)

Awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need. Open to all Otsego County Students.

Treetops Scholarship Fund (up to $4000)

$1,000 awarded annually to Otsego County residents that are pursuing higher education at either vocational or academic institutions. Preference is given to students who have or are overcoming adversity, students that are interested in the hospitality field and those who are employed at Treetops or have relatives that are or have been employees of Treetops Resort. This award will be split over a four year period upon resubmitting pertinent information.


Athel Eugene & Helen Williams Scholarship ($1000)

Awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a 4-year nursing or medical degree. Open to any Otsego County graduating student.


Irene Angus Science Scholarship Fund ($1000)

 Awarded to an outstanding Otsego County sophomore or junior college student pursuing a BS degree in the science field of study at an accredited institution. 


Don Skop Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Awarded to Otsego County high school graduates who have a 2.0 GPA or better and will be attending an accredited institution to continue education in a vocational field or skilled trade. Open to any Otsego County graduating students.

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