• Do you have a heart for giving and want to give back on a bigger scale than you could on your own?
  •  Do you want to learn about, or let other women know about, the work being done by your local nonprofits in Otsego County?
  • Do you want to be part of a caring and amazing group of women who are making a positive impact in our community today, tomorrow and forever?
  • Do you want 100% of your donation to go directly to local charities?

Tuesday , May 9th 

Doors Open @ 5:00

Event: 6:00 – 7:00

Treetops Resort, Oak Room

Thank you to our Corporate Partner 

Kat Steinbrecher Family of Restaurants

*Mary’s Stein Haus, Abi’s Bistro, Porter Haus and Kane’s Lobster Pot & Bourbon Bar*


To register please click the link below

100+ Women Who Care

Here’s How the 100+ Women Who Care Works

Here’s How It Works

    • One (1) time per year, our givers commit $100.
    • Each giver has the opportunity to nominate a local nonprofit. There are eligibility requirements (see below), and nominations must be approved by April 25th. To nominate a nonprofit, please use the form below.
    • At the event, four (4) nominated and approved nonprofits will be randomly drawn to present. The nominating giver will be asked to make an informal presentation, of up to five minutes, to the group about their nonprofit’s mission and why it is deserving of the giver’s vote. No PowerPoint or collateral materials, please. If a nominating giver is not in attendance, another nonprofit will be drawn.
    • Givers attending in person will have the opportunity to ask questions after each presentation.
    • After the presentations and Q&A, voting is held, and the nonprofit with the most votes will be the recipient of a $5000 grant. Any additional grants will be distributed based on the number of givers.
    • There is no proxy voting.
    • Half the monies raised at the event will support the needs of today, while the other half will go into the Community Fund to support the needs of tomorrow.
    • The selected nonprofit is then invited back to the next event to share with givers the BIG impact their donations have made.

100+ Women Who Care Nomination Form

Eligibility Requirements

 Eligibility Requirements for Nominations

Only registered givers of 100+ Women Who Care are eligible to nominate a nonprofit. Nominations must be submitted at least two (2) weeksbeforeo the event.  These requirements help ensure that the nonprofit follows best practices. After all, it could be the recipient of a $5000 grant made possible because of you and 100+ other caring women!

Nonprofits must be:

  • Local and /or serving Otsego County.
  • A  501(c)(3) organization, government or school
  • The following nonprofits have received grants within the last two years and are ineligible to be nominated:  The Karing Home Youth Project and New Life Pregnancy Center, Gaylord Last Resort and 1st Congregational Church Community Meal.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a giver?
Please complete the registration link if you want to become a giver.

I’m a new giver; what should I expect at the event?

Generally, our event will go as follows:

5:00 pm – Check-in, receive a voting ballot, mingle, visit Corporate Partner and nonprofit tables, partake in cash bar, participate in chair massages and paraffin dips courtesy of Treetops Spa.

6:00 pm – The event begins

  •  Opening remarks
  • An explanation of the nonprofit selection and voting process is given.
  • Four (4) nominated nonprofits will be selected at random.
  • The nominating giver from those four (4) nonprofits will each have five (5) minutes to present to the group. A brief Q&A will follow each presentation.
  • Givers in attendance will submit their anonymous ballot. The votes are tabulated.
  • The nonprofit that received the funds from the previous event will be asked to say a few words of thanks and tell the group how their donations were used and the impact made.
  • The nonprofit with the most votes is announced.
  • You just did something amazing and impactful!

7:00 pm – Event is adjourned. Continue the fun at the Treetops Sports Bar for 100+ Women Who Care dinner specials.

Can I bring a friend to the event?
Yes! We are always looking for women who want to GIVE BIG. Please invite your friends, neighbors, daughters, and co-workers to become a giver today.

Is the event limited to 100 women?
Absolutely not! If we can make a BIG impact with 100+ women, why not grow and make an even BIGGER difference?

What do you do with my personal information?
The OCF collects your personal information (including name, email address, phone number, and mailing address) strictly to keep in contact with our givers. Our database is used for administrative purposes only.

We will not sell, give, or share your personal information with any third party. Ever. We may occasionally recognize our givers via social media and other media. If you want to remain anonymous, please let us know when you join.

How do I nominate a nonprofit?
Once you join the group, you may nominate a nonprofit by completing the Nomination Form and submitting it before the deadline.

If a giver is affiliated with a nonprofit, i.e., an officer, board member, employee, or volunteer, she is allowed to nominate that nonprofit and present on its behalf.

Do I have to nominate a nonprofit?
No. Many women like just to attend and give.

Can a nonprofit be nominated more than once?
Each giver can only nominate one nonprofit per event. However, multiple givers can nominate the same nonprofit, increasing the nonprofit’s chances. The giver’s name on the drawn nomination form will give the presentation. However, the same nonprofit may not be drawn more than once to present.

Is my donation tax-deductible, and how do I track my gift?
Yes, the donation is tax-deductible. You will receive a tax acknowledgment letter via email when you register for the event.

How much of my donation goes to the administration costs of the program?
Absolutely zero! Our operating expenses are offset by generous corporate partner support.