GAYLORD–The Otsego County Community Foundation is marking its 25th year with a new name and a new look.

Dana Bensinger, executive director, invites the community to celebrate this exciting transition for the organization, now called the Otsego Community Foundation. (OCF)

“For the past 24 years, we have built a platform for serving donors, nonprofits and the community as a whole in Otsego County, and in the process, we have touched thousands of lives,” Bensinger said. “As we enter our 25th year, we feel the need to increase awareness of the organization. To ensure future success and better deliver our mission, we have rebranded the organization with a streamlined name and mission as well as with a new logo and tag line.”

According to Bensinger, the changes or updates clarify the scope of the organization.

“The OCF is an independent nonprofit organization created by and for the people of the communities in Otsego County; it is not a government entity,” she said. “We partner with many organizations and individuals in order to fulfill our mission.”

The OCF has also streamlined its mission statement: “Activate generosity for a strong community.”

“While this is not a ‘new’ mission, this concisely states what we do and the results of our efforts,” Bensinger said. “Because of the power of endowment, our convening efforts and grant making gifts are magnified. How we do the work will not change.”

Bensinger noted that the OCF logo also has been updated.

“Incorporating the pinecone from the past represents a powerful endowment analogy,” she said. “We have framed the seed with the letter ‘O,’ which stands for Otsego. Its shape, a circle, goes around and around, like the giving potential of a strong foundation.”

The OCF’s new tag line, “Connect with what matters,” is a concise call to action.

“Whether you are a donor wishing to support a cause or a non-profit organization looking for support for your mission, you can turn to the OCF to connect with what matters. We can help you with your charitable wishes,” Bensinger said.

Bensinger assured that the OCF will continue to serve as a strong partner for local philanthropy by building endowments, gathering leaders and awarding grants. Through collaboration with donors, nonprofits and the community, managing permanent charitable funds, and making purposeful grants, the OCF maximizes generosity and impact—meet critical needs and capitalize on local opportunities.

Bensinger is excited about the 25th anniversary of the Otsego Community Foundation and looks forward to a bright future.

“Ultimately, our efforts help fill forests with trees, minds with knowledge, youth with dreams, workforce with skills, society with art and culture, pantries with food, communities with connections, and hearts with that joyful feeling of making a difference. What matters? That is a question for you to answer.”