What is Up North Impact?

We are an active giving circle under the umbrella of the Otsego Community Foundation aimed at gathering people who are interested in getting involved in philanthropy and engaging them in the community through group volunteering events, educational sessions, and making impactful grants in the community with our collective contributions.

Our goal is to introduce people to local philanthropy in an accessible, social, fun way. Over time, members will learn more about our community and its issues, connect with like-minded peers, and get involved with our local nonprofits.

“Anyone who wants to learn and become active in our community and its nonprofits is welcome to join Up North Impact. We are a ‘next generation’ giving circle for those ages 20+ and open to those who want to make an impact in Otsego County, including those who may not live here anymore but want to give back to the community that raised them.” – Justine Hees

Get Together – Give Together

  • We want to learn more about our community (educational sessions)
  • We want to become active in our community (organized volunteerism)
  • We want to make a difference in our community (impactful grants)
  • We want to make it easy and fun to give back (social events)


Donate on a monthly subscription basis or annually, your preference.

Vote where to direct our collective contributions at annual giving events.

Participate in what excites you and share your ideas!

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Help us spread the word by sharing with your friends and inviting them to our upcoming events (below).

“I originally became involved with Up North Impact because I saw an opportunity to be a part of a really great group of people with strong aspirations to make a positive impact on our community. I have been so fortunate to be embraced so quickly by this community, it is an easy decision to try and give as much back as possible. The fact that we truly have a great time while making an impact is just icing on the cake!” – Tim Janis


Our Next Event: Bowling for Vets on November 8th

Gaylord Bowling Center, 6-8 PM

In honor of Veteran’s Day, join us for some bowling and to learn more about veterans’ issues in our community and what organizations in our area are doing to help. Restaurant and bar will be open. Follow our Facebook page for more details. 


Up North Impact Advisory Council

(Mariah Beyer, Justine Hees, Tim Janis, Rob Lampert, Beth Pittiglio, Will Tomaski)