Grantee: Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan

Program: Future Fittest on the 45th

This unique program will improve the physical and mental health of at-risk youth in Otsego County by reducing the risk of chronic disease, decrease youth violence and bullying and increase emotional and mental health factors.

“Using both exercise and counseling together to improve the overall health of at-risk children we at Child and Family Services will strive for the youth to gain confidence and self-assurance,” stated Diana Volant, Lead Therapist with CFS. “This program will help them overcome issues that have been taking their lives in a downward spiral,” added Volant. “This program makes me feel good about myself and I’m starting to feel empowered and in control of my life,” said participant Mia.

The Youth Advisory Committee is enthusiastic about funding this program. “We decided to fund this grant because of the obvious impact it will have on at-risk youth in the community. This program directly addresses some of the most pressing youth needs, which were gathered during a youth needs survey notably: bullying, suicide, self-esteem, and body image,” noted Anna Torsky, Otsego Community Foundation Youth Advisory member.

Supported by the Community Fund, Patrick J McNamara Fund, Youth Fund and the Scott and Janice Lampert Fund of the Otsego Community Foundation.