Definition of the word “volunteer”:

A person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

A person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Volunteers are worth their weight in gold and an important resource for any nonprofit. They share their time and talents without any compensation, and they are crucial to the advancement of the Otsego Community Foundation. We are grateful for our volunteers and would like to offer a HUGE thanks for the hours each and every one of them have committed to our organization. Words cannot express how proud and how grateful the staff of the OCF are to our volunteer family and how in awe we are of your dedication. We’d like to celebrate the following volunteers:

Board of Directors: Chairperson – Paul Hartmann, Vice Chairperson – Lisha Ramsdell, Secretary – Cherie Nutter, Treasurer – James Camiller, Members – Gracie Blust, Barb Brown, Bob Courtois, Bill Forreider, Justine Hees, Kaylie McKinley, Brandie Meisner, Pat Morse, Brian Pearson and Katy Xenalis-Makowski

Education Committee: Mary Fox, Jim Hilgendorf, Dennis Keck, Katy Makowski, Rich Marshall and Tracy O’Connell

Finance Committee: James Camiller, Barb Brown, Phyllis Mead and Jennie Zoll

Grant Committee: Julie Gregory, Kevin McKinley, Brandie Meisner, Cherie Nutter, Cindy Pushman, Brain Switalski and Bob Wilson

Governance Committee: Laura Bowen, Renee Campbell, Paul Hartmann, Janice Lampert, Cherie Nutter, and Mary Tomaski

Investment Committee: Bob Courtois, Bill Forreider, Tim Janis, Steve Qua and Kevin Reynolds

Extreevangaza Ambassadors: Daphne Cousineau, Liz Forreider, Julie Gregory, Jen Mazur, Janet Nowicki and Ellen Templeton

100+ Women Who Care Ambassadors: Heather Appold, Liz Forreider, Janet Nowicki, Tabitha Pardo, Beth Pittaglio, Taylar Sides, Tabatha Simpson, Toni Straughen and Mary Tomaski

Foundation Matters: Darcie Skop

Youth Advisory Committee: Co-Advisor – David Beyers, Members – Misha Beyers, Tanner Beyers, Gracie Blust, Rose Cruz, Hayden Denoyer, Claire Gilling, Emma Glasby, Eliza Handley, Kaylie McKinley, Kellen Minyon, Elizabeth Pallarito, Daniel Reynolds, Rebecca Reynolds, Ava Schultz, Sam Sircely, Rian Theriault, Aiden Yaske and Skylar Yodzevicis

And the newest committee, Up North Impact: Mariah Beyer, Justine Hees, Rob Lampert and Will Tomaski

We appreciate and celebrate all of you. Thank you for your commitment!
Love, Dana, Karin and Amanda