Will the Youth Advisory Committee miss both of our graduating seniors? The answer is a huge YES. Both Hannah Johnston and Sara Daugherty have been very active members of YAC since they were 8th graders. Their knowledge and love for community has made them outstanding members of this dynamic group. When they leave, they will be leaving gigantic shoes to fill, but they have been training the next generation of YAC-ers to carry on. So, what’s in store for the next chapter of their lives?

Hannah will be attending CMU in the fall as a Centralis Recipient and Honors Program member. She plans on an educational path that will take her to the medical field, hopefully leading to work as a doctor. Community and philanthropy will always be important key features in her life, wherever she ends up and whatever she does.

“YAC has provided me with an outlet for my philanthropic energy. It allows me to give back to the community that has so greatly supported me. I have made countless connections through YAC, and I have loved being a mentor to the next generation of caring youth and generous leaders,” said Hannah. “It is almost impossible for me to choose a favorite memory from YAC! I enjoyed granting decision days, leadership trainings/conferences, and getting to know a great group of like-minded youth. It is absolutely amazing to see the direct impact of YAC’s actions in our community. I am so thankful for this program and the fact that I was a part of it for these past five years, both as a member and as its leader.”

Sara’s future plans include finishing the early college program at NCMC next year, earning her associates degree before going to NMU to major in early childhood education and minor in cosmetology.

“YAC impacted my life by giving me the chance to explore my interest in the community, as well as volunteer and learn so much I wouldn’t have otherwise. Without it, I wouldn’t have met some of the people I now know and look up to as role models. It gave me my voice and empowered me to be able to speak up for myself and what I am passionate about,” said Sara. “My favorite memory from YAC would be the OCF’s Extreevaganza event where we were able to see others in the community who believed in philanthropy just as we do, but it was also always an incredible team bonding experience for YAC every year, and became one of every members’ favorite memories.”

“I have tears in my eyes as these two leave the folds of YAC. When I started as the Youth Advisory Committee adviser three years ago, they were teaching me. Thank you girls, I’m going to miss your intelligence, guidance and love for this community. Looking forward to hearing about all that you do in the future. Remember you are always welcomed back!” Karin Beyer.

Thank you, Hannah and Sara!