On June 20, the OCF hosted Charitable Funds 101, an informative event for board members and professional advisers featuring a panel of current fund holders representing the different types of charitable funds managed by the OCF.  Fund types include unrestricted, field of interest, donor advised, designated and scholarship (see descriptions above).  Funds can be established in your name or in the name of your family, your organization or anyone you wish to honor. All grants made—today and in the future—are awarded to charities in the name of the fund. It’s a beautiful way to link your community investment with a special person or purpose, forever.

“Like any other business there is no better way to learn about our products than to hear stories from those who have used them”, said Dana Bensinger, Executive Director.  “Each individual, family or organization we work with has distinct charitable interests—and unique financial circumstances. We help you make the most of both, so you receive the greatest return on your community investment.”


Panel included Bob McNamara -Dr. Patrick J. McNamara Fund, Katie Bowen – Youth Fund, Larry Edwards – Otsego Environmental Learning Site Fund, Kevin McKinley- Treetops Scholarship Fund, Janice Lampert – Lampert Family Fund.

Do you have a philanthropic wish?  Contact the team at the OCF and let us connect you to what matters.