Funding Available for Nonprofits Helping with Tornado Response

Donors + Nonprofits = Solutions. We have had great support from the community and the Tornado Response Fund is ready to assist nonprofits with immediate relief, short-term recovery and long-term rebuilding. We will be reviewing grants daily, and responding to your request as quickly as possible. We are receiving a high volume of correspondence at this time. If you submit and don’t hear from us with in 48 hours, please contact Karin Beyer directly at or 989-731-0597. Also, we will be holding a Nonprofit Exchange bi-weekly at 8 am on the second and forth Wednesdays via Zoom. This hour will allow us to share ideas, support each other and strategies for recovery. Details can be found on the Nonprofit Exchange Facebook page. Thank you for serving those who were impacted by the tornado!

Please note that this application is for nonprofit organizations only. If you are an individual or business that has been affected because of the tornado, please contact the United Way at 989-732-8929.