Today, the concept of “it takes a village” has given way to urban sprawl, disconnected families and broken lives.

Wellspring Lutheran Services purposefully takes a whole-person approach to their organization and delivery of services. They are convinced that they must find the strengths in people and build on these for any lasting change to occur.

They believe in a concept of community, where resources are available in an integrated fashion to people at any stage of life. They want to be a wellspring, a source of hope and refreshment, where young and old live naturally together, strengthening one another and receiving the security, services and renewal they need to live out their full potential.

“Thank you so much to the Otsego Community Foundation 100+ Women Who Care. We were thrilled to have been chosen by the ladies for the $5,000 grant to use to grant wishes to children in foster care in Otsego County. We have already identified soccer league fees, basketball camps, swim lessons and other wishes. We are blessed to live a community that honors children.“ – Darla Edwards, Foster Care Licensing Worker, Wellspring Lutheran Services

“John has blossomed in the swimming program. They have asked him to get into the competitive swim program. His self-esteem has grown tremendously, and he is more outgoing because of his growth in his swimming skills and his confidence coming from his accomplishments. His ‘I can’t do anything, and life is nothing but failure’ has changed to an ‘I can. Life is worth it.’ Thanks for helping this fragile 11-year-old who will look at 12 with a positive outlook coming from a dismal past.” – John’s foster parent

“We are extremely grateful for the grant given to Wellspring. At one point we had 4 children who participated in the soccer program and it gets expensive. Registration, shin guards, cleats, balls, everything adds up fast. With the assistance of the grant, we were able to get the girls everything else they needed right away and not stress about how we were going to make that happen” – Michelle Miller, foster parent and mother

“Our family received a double stroller because of the 100+ Women Who Care grant. We care for 3 children under 2 years of age; with the stroller it makes going to doctor appointments, to the store and other fun activities much easier and enjoyable. The kids like riding and looking around wherever we go.“ – Smith family

Wellspring Lutheran Services was the $5,000 grantee at the 2019 100+ Women Who Care event. This event is unique in that it lasts only one hour but makes a HUGE difference in the community. Mark your calendar for May 12th, 2020 (doors open at 5:30) if you would like to attend this year’s event.