We are proud to feature Haley Dawe this month in our Volunteer Spotlight. Haley has served on the OCF Scholarship Committee for two years. She draws on her fifteen years of experience as a teacher to help make important decisions about which scholarships are awarded. Education is important to Haley and her family. Her time in the classroom and her passion for education make her a welcome addition to the Scholarship Committee. Amanda Sosa, Director of Donor Services at OCF, works with Haley on the scholarship process. She says, “Haley’s compassionate perspective and thoughtful advisement throughout the scholarship selection process is a true asset.”

Haley enjoys reviewing the applications and seeing “all the exciting things” the students of Otsego County are doing in the community. Haley has made meaningful connections with others in this community through her service at the OCF, which is important for someone new to the area.

She moved to Otsego County with her husband and their three sons five years ago. Since then, they have added another son to their active family. Currently, Haley teaches Nutrition and Computer Basics to high schoolers at Michigan Online School.

Here’s what Haley has to say about this community and her experience volunteering with the OCF.

What do you love about Otsego County?

From the moment we moved to Gaylord, it felt like home. We have met so many wonderful families, and it is a perfect place to raise our children. I love that it is a small enough community where people smile and say hello, but also large enough where there are opportunities to be involved in different groups, activities, and plenty of recreation.

Why did you say YES to the OCF?

When I was first asked to be a part of the scholarship committee, I knew it would be a great opportunity to give back to the community. Education is very important to me, and Otsego County students are blessed to have many generous donors that can aid in providing post-high school opportunities for our young adults.