In 1985, Scott and Janice Lampert relocated to Gaylord from Denver. The move was inspired by a job transfer for Scott, a petroleum engineer with NICOR Drilling Company. The young couple was up for an adventure that would most likely be a sojourn or temporary stay. Three and a half decades later, they have established deep roots in the community and call Gaylord home. They have raised three kids, Jacki (Sean), Rob, and Kenny (Colleen). Scott, has been a leader in the oil and gas industry and started Paxton Resources in 1995 and is presently the sole owner and operator; Janice has utilized her graphic design background in a variety of ways while immersing herself as a volunteer extraordinaire. Together they have a variety of business ventures, including Sojourn Lakeside Resort. Philanthropy has been a major part of their experience in Gaylord, and they have been extremely generous individually and as a team sharing their time, talent, and treasure. 

“Both of us grew up with parents who got involved in their community. They gave what they could and helped with causes that mattered to them. They taught us and our siblings to ‘chip in and help’ whenever possible,” shared Janice. “We learned the value of giving of your time and working together to make things happen, improve a situation, or fulfill a need. We saw what can be accomplished through collaboration in volunteer efforts and funding initiatives.”

The Lampert Family Fund of the OCF has been part of their local philanthropy since 1999. Of the 85 funds under the umbrella of the OCF, the Lampert Fund is the most engaged. A total of $331,000 in grants have been awarded from the fund, impacting over 50 organizations. 

“Assisting the Lamperts with their charitable wishes has been a highlight of my career. Their grant making has touched areas including education, economic development, health and human services, conservation, youth, etc. They have planted seeds, filled gaps, grown capacity, provided match dollars, and recently started focusing on the value of arts and culture.”  stated Dana Bensinger.

The Lampert Family Fund is a donor advised fund, which is a very popular charitable fund type. A donor advised fund can be established at many financial institutions as a tax wise tool. However, Community Foundations have the local expertise of knowing the true needs of the community. This connection through the OCF has helped to make the Lampert’s experience not only impactful to the many grantees, but meaningful to them as donors. 

“It’s not always the big donations that feel the most impactful, or leave the greatest impression. There have been times when we give a simple gift and through collaboration with OCF, it has helped facilitate an entire mentoring program, continue a paused soup kitchen, or encouraged children to read throughout the summer. The two of us, along with our family, could not have accomplished all those things by ourselves. There are many local needs that we never would have heard of through the years if not for the insight from the OCF.” said Scott.

Over time, several organizations have built solid relationships with the Lamperts and have received multiple grants from their fund. Mandy Bolen, principal at North Ohio Elementary, recently reflected on the impact of the Lampert Family Fund at the elementary school at which all three Lampert kids attended.

“Around every corner, inside and outside, there are examples of the Lampert Family Fund grants, including playground buddy benches, summer reading programs, classroom sound systems, counseling services, etc.”

“Gaylord is our home, and we want to be part of positive growth, prosperity, and helping others, especially where we live. We feel our Donor Advised Fund is an investment in our community, ensuring lasting impact.” said Janice. 

Connecting people who care to the causes that matter summarizes the OCF mission in action. The Lampert Family Fund is a prime example of our work. To learn more about donor advised funds and other charitable funds, call the OCF at 989-731-0597 or email us at

In 2017, Janice received the Kevin Reynolds Achievement Award, which honors and OCF board member who goes above and beyond.

Just a few grantees that the Lampert Family Fund has touched