Grantee: Huron Pines

Project: Huron Pines/Vanderbilt Area School Place-Based Stewardship Education

The purpose of the project is to implement place-based stewardship education (PBSE) efforts at Vanderbilt Area School (VAS). PBSE has been proven to increase student performance and results in long term investment in their community. The school will implement PBSE by providing opportunity for student- led stewardship projects in the community and by increasing use of the 110-acre school forest. The school forest will be developed into an outdoor classroom for students and a recreation area for community members.  Using the school forest as a platform for PBSE efforts will provide opportunity for increased student involvement in the community and an engagement with the surrounding area’s natural resources. By making the school forest more accessible and usable, the community will see the benefits of increased recreational opportunity which leads to greater physical and mental health.

Vanderbilt High School Junior Noah Synder stated, “Nature is cool! This project will be impactful to all students for years to come. Learning about our environment while literally walking and sitting in the environment will make education fun.”

Supported by the Community Fund, Dr. Patrick J McNamara Fund and the Youth Fund of the Otsego County Community Foundation, Otsego County United Way