When it comes to charitable giving, you not only have many choices on where to give, but also how to give. Historically, if you look at nonprofit giving options, the menu included things like check, credit card, securities, IRA distribution, etc. While those are all still great options, now more than ever organizations, including the Otsego Community Foundation, are seeing an increase in the number of donors inquiring about monthly giving programs.

Monthly giving has benefits for both those who give as well as the recipient. Monthly gifts help donors fit giving into their budget and allows them to see that being generous is not only possible, but impactful. Having the option to give a small amount each month is appealing and really adds up. The donor sets up the gift with the organization and from there it is automatically transferred each month. For the nonprofit, this creates dependable revenue to deliver upon their mission.

“It is encouraging to see the increase in numbers of people giving monthly, and the diversity among them. Some have been supporters for years previously giving an annual gift and others are newer donors.” said Dana Bensinger, OCF Executive Director.

“As a local business owner Joe Messanger wanted to build something in his monthly budget. “Setting up a recurring gift is an efficient way to effectively support the OCF.” Joe Messenger, Gaylord Community Funeral Home.

“James and Sara Vanderveer set up a monthly gift to the OCF in 2018. “Our kids have benefited from many grants made possible from the OCF and while we aren’t at a place to start our own fund, setting up a monthly gift is a way we can make a difference,” said James.

“So often people feel if they can’t give that one time big gift their gift is worthy. We have been trying to get the message out there that all gifts make a difference, especially at a community foundation. We manage 83 charitable funds and several have monthly donors. It is encouraging to see the increase in our number of individuals setting up a reoccurring gift.” explained Bensinger.

If you would like to set up a monthly gift to your favorite OCF fund please contact donor services manager Amanda Sosa at amanda@otsegofoundation.org or 731-0597.