Each year, the Otsego Community Foundation board of directors nominate a fellow board member to receive the Kevin Reynolds Achievement Award. Namesake Kevin served as a member of the board from 2005 to 2014. During this time, he was on the Grant, Finance, Investment and Executive Committees as well as serving as treasurer.  Kevin was also a key partner during staff transitions over the years. This award, established in 2014, is presented to a board member who goes above and beyond their job description to serve the Otsego Community Foundation.

Past recipients include Kevin Reynolds, Mary Tomaski, Barb Brown, Janice Lampert, Lisha Ramsdell, Paul Hartmann, and Bill Forreider. 

This year, we are proud to announce two recipients of this award, Cherie Nutter and Brandie Meisner. 

Cherie serves as vice-chair of our Board of Directors, co-chair of the Grant Committee, and is a chair of the Governance Committee. Cherie’s nomination stated: “Cherie goes above and beyond by helping in any way she can. She has used her past experience to help in the hiring process for admin and LCAN positions, as well as her work on the Grant Committee and the Executive Committee.”

Brandie is a member of our Board of Directors, serves as chair of the Campaign Committee and also serves as co-chair of the Grant Committee. Brandie’s nomination stated: “Brandie has gone above and beyond by taking on the chair of the Way Forward Committee! She is a fearless ambassador for the Foundation.”

This is the first time there has been a tie for this award, but as you can see, both Cherie and Brandie are dedicated leaders and volunteers. It is a real blessing to know them and work with them. We are grateful they share their time and talent with the OCF.

Dana Bensinger, Executive Director