Sue Jordan has always taken care of her neighbors. Even as a little girl living downstate, she shoveled her elderly neighbors’ driveways. “I like to do things for other people,” Sue says. Her generosity and sense of service show up to this day. Sue still makes sure that her neighbors’ driveways are clear of snow, and she uses her woodworking skills to decorate the entrance to her subdivision with her creations. When the tornado hit Gaylord last year, Sue jumped in and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and the United Way.

Given Sue’s love of her long-time home Otsego County and her desire to care for her neighbors, it made sense for her to become a member of the OCF (Otsego Community Foundation) Legacy Society. Sue is an only child with no children of her own and wanted to do something meaningful with her estate. Her financial advisor suggested she consider a Legacy Fund at the OCF. Sue didn’t know anything about the Legacy Society and didn’t know much about what the OCF did. She thought they were just a “fundraising group.” She set up a meeting with executive director Dana Bensinger to learn more.

The decision to make the OCF part of her estate plan has been a “good fit all around,” according to Sue. Her parents started bringing her to Northern Michigan as a toddler, and Otsego County has been her permanent home since 1977. Sue spends as much time as she can outdoors, enjoying activities all year round. Caring for the environment is important to her. “It’s why people come up here,” Sue says. She has designated Huron Pines as one of the beneficiaries of her fund. In doing so, Sue knows that her gifts are aligned with her interests.

Sue describes the process of establishing a Legacy Fund as “seamless.” After seeing how the OCF responded to COVID and the May 2022 tornado, Sue’s confidence in the organization grew. She trusts that her contributions will be “well spent and well taken care of” after she is gone. Otsego County has a huge place in Sue’s heart, and by establishing a Legacy Fund, she knows she is leaving something meaningful and impactful for future generations. Sue can connect to what matters and continue to take care of her neighbors.

We want to acknowledge and thank Sue for her generosity toward and trust in the OCF to carry on her wishes. Becoming a member of the OCF Legacy Society ensures that your impact on Otsego County is powerful and permanent.

For more information on becoming a member of the OCF Legacy Society, please visit