We are happy to announce that Kristine Lassen has joined the Otsego Community Foundation (OCF) team as our Communications Coordinator!

“Over the past few years, the OCF has experienced significant growth. The workload, with gifts received and grants awarded, has steadily increased, along with the community leadership initiatives. There are so many stories woven into our work. Together like threads within a tapestry, they create a real story of our community. We are excited to have Kristine join our team and dedicate time to sharing those stories with all.”

Dana Bensinger, Executive Director.

Kristine is a fairly recent Gaylord transplant, moving here in early 2020 from Knoxville, TN, which was home for seventeen years. Before landing in Gaylord, Kristine lived on both coasts, in the desert, near the Rocky Mountains, and the southeast. Kristine has two children in their early twenties and in various stages of establishing their own lives. Professionally, Kristine worked as a physical therapist, receiving her master’s degree in 1992. Writing has been a hobby since Kristine was a child, and is taking a more up-front role in her professional life now. She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, yoga, cross-country skiing, and running and is in the throes of editing her first manuscript for a novel.

“I wanted to both do something different professionally and to get more involved in my new community. When I heard about this position, met the OCF team, and learned more about the organization, it was an enthusiastic YES! This work allows me to stretch myself professionally while meeting some amazing people in this community.” 

Kristine Lassen

We are confident that Kristine will be an excellent match for this position and a strong asset to the communications team. Please join us in welcoming Kristine!