This June marks the 13th anniversary of Dana Bensinger taking over as Executive Director of the OCF, known as the OCCF in 2011. Dana is the fourth Executive Director in the organization’s history. Before becoming the Executive Director, she volunteered as the Youth Advisory Committee advisor from 2006-2009. 

When she took this position, Dana stated that she wanted to “…educate the community on the value of the foundation” and that “the foundation is a way to guarantee that the needs of the community will be met.”  

During her tenure, the OCF has grown from a staff of one paid employee to a staff of 6 by 2023. There were 27 funds at the OCF in 2011, and that number has grown to 103. 

This growth is related to the intentional focus on programming to support donors and nonprofits.   

“It has been quite a learning experience. One that has challenged me and one that I am extremely grateful for. The early years were consumed with policy and procedure, elements necessary to build a firm foundation. Little by little I was able to build relationships with nonprofits, donors, and community leaders, along with state and national experts. Those relationships have been key to strengthening our community. Our volunteers, including committee and board members, have been so supportive. I have brought them plenty of stretch ideas, and through robust discussions we have been able to streamline, enhance, introduce new ideas, fix broken systems, and evolve with the times and occasionally, decide to stay put.”  

Dana Bensinger, OCF Executive Director

Dana introduced 100+ Women Who Care, spearheaded the Community Grant Program, and started the Non-Profit Exchange (NPX). She was instrumental in leading our community’s COVID-19 and tornado response in 2022.

“As we look ahead to the future, effective partnerships, building trust, and making progress are more important than ever.” 

The future of the OCF, as we activate generosity for a strong community, continues to look bright with Dana’s leadership and vision.