In November, we honor our Veterans on the 11th day of this 11th month. In this month’s OCF Volunteer Spotlight, we want to highlight one of our OCF Volunteers who also serves in the military—Joe Marsiglia. Joe is a Michigan native who moved to Gaylord in 1987 and worked for the Gaylord City Police Department for 26 years, retiring in 2013. Joe worked as a housing resource specialist for Supportive Services for Veteran Families for the next three years. In this role, he assisted Veterans who were homeless or at risk for homelessness in a multi-county area in Northern Michigan. Joe began his military career immediately out of high school at 18 and has been a soldier in the US Army for over 42 years. He currently serves in the Army Reserve with the rank of Major General and commands the 3rd Medical Command in Atlanta, GA. Joe spends his spare time reading, going for walks, watching his youngest daughter compete in equine events, and spending time at Gaylord’s Powerhouse Gym. He and his wife Kris have been married for over 28 years.  

Joe is a part of the OCF Grant Committee, and we are proud to have him as part of our team. Learn more about Joe in his own words:  

  • What do you love about Otsego County?  

First and foremost, I love that we have four distinct seasons. While I am not a big fan of winter, it is well worth it for spring, summer, and my favorite season, fall. While not perfect, I am convinced Otsego County is moving in the right direction in many areas. We place value on building a community that is rich and diverse in all that it offers to those who live here and visit here. This community strives to build the future and is not stuck in the past. I am hopeful that our county leadership will continue to focus on making this a place where people want to raise their children, and those children will remain here to raise their families. We need to continue to be a place where all voices are heard and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. One does not need to travel far to see the difficulties other communities face. I love that Otsego County is working every day to make our part of the world a better place. One only needs to recall the times this community has pulled together and not pulled itself apart during times of crisis. The tornado in 2022 is a recent example of what this community is really all about. Helping others! 

  • Why did you say YES to the OCF? 

I was looking for an organization assisting multiple organizations and projects in our county. It was important that this organization had a vision of “what should be” and not “what was or what is.” OCF was a natural fit for this. OCF is a forward-thinking organization that is imagining what our future can be. I am proud to support and contribute to the mission and vision of what OCF brings to Otsego County. When I learned everything OCF strives for, it was easy to say YES.