Grantee: Gaylord Area Council for the Arts

Project: Capacity Building

The Mission of Gaylord Area Council for the Arts is to nurture and promote a creative community by facilitating, sharing and encouraging individual expression through the arts. With interest and participation in GACA’s programs growing by leaps and bounds, they found that the capacity of their volunteers and staff was overburdened. To strengthen the organization’s capacity, the board of GACA realized that they needed to add staff to keep up with their growth and to keep true to the mission.

“The OCF Capacity Building grant enabled GACA to hire a 12 hour per week Administrative Assistant. This was critical to free some of the Arts Manager’s time for organizational oversight, membership enhancement, community outreach, fundraising and administration. Over the past year we have grown our membership by over 12%, received grants from 2 new sources and found 4 new business/organizational sponsors. Inspired by the initial Capacity Building grant, two of our board members have pledged funding to support this position for the next 2 years through their Donor Advised funds at the OCF, ” stated Jan Kellogg of Gaylord Area Council for the Arts.

Supported by the Arts and Culture Fund, Lampert Fund and the Cotant Fund of the Otsego Community Foundation