The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a group made up of student representatives from Otsego county high schools and adult advisors. Members of the YAC are empowered to be positive role models for other youth as philanthropists and volunteers, asses local youth needs, promote positive youth development, review grant applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Otsego Community Foundation on the distribution of grants that impact the youth of the county.

The Otsego Community Foundation initially created YAC in 1994 with a challenge grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through the Michigan Community Foundation’s Youth Project. The purpose of the Youth Project was to encourage youth development in local communities throughout the state while strengthening community foundation leadership and grantmaking capacity. The OCF YAC was established to oversee a permanently endowed Youth Fund and to make grant recommendations to the Board of Directors. Since its inception, the Youth Fund has granted more then $38,000 to projects that impact the youth of our county.

The YAC meets monthly during the school year to learn and assess the needs of the youth in Otsego county. These dedicated students in accomplished so much just last year. They organized the first YAC proactive grant, working with leaders of the school and securing a grant from T-Mobile to form a Cyberbullying Outreach Campaign. They participated in panel presentations in school, installed anti-bullying posters featuring students from the schools and filmed a cyberbullying commercial that’s playing at the Gaylord movie theater. They also attended training sessions, worked on fund development, were involved with community engagement and volunteerism, reviewed grant proposals, participated in site visits to grantee organizations, made grant recommendations and granted almost $6,000 to area nonprofits.

To learn more about YAC or to join, please contact Karin Beyer at 989-731-0597 or, or fill out the Membership Application.

“YAC has given me a voice that I didn’t know I had. When I started with YAC, I didn’t speak up and was happy to just listen, but now I have the confidence to voice my opinion.” Emma Glasby, SMH Sophomore.

“YAC members make an impact in the community by making opportunity. When we grant money, the organization it goes to continues doing what they’re doing, be it education, community service, or getting the needed supplies for their program or project.’ Hayden Denoyer, GHS Senior

“I love the opportunities YAC has given me to volunteer and make a difference in my community. YAC has taught me about the value of philanthropy and volunteering. It has helped me feel much more connected to my community.” Rebecca Reynolds, GHS Junior