Ten years ago, the Otsego Community Foundation (OCF) established the Kevin Reynolds Achievement Award for one of its board members who has demonstrated service above and beyond what is expected. Kevin Reynolds served on the OCF board from 2005 to 2014 and set a high standard for board service.  

This year, the board was met with an unusual challenge—not one board member stood out, but two! Annette Wells and Tanner Catt were given this award for outstanding service to the OCF.  

Annette and Tanner were instrumental in moving the Lake Arrowhead project toward completion, each in their own way. Annette is the Executive Director of Community Mediation Services in Gaylord, and her experience and skillset as a mediator were crucial throughout this project. According to another board member, “Annette was very instrumental in working with the various parties involved in the Lake Arrowhead project. Her calm demeanor and professionalism helped to bring the parties to a consensus. “ 

Tanner’s building background with Catt Development helped the OCF with the Lake Arrowhead Project and the housing initiative. Here is what Tanner’s fellow board members had to say about him: “Tanner stepped up with his expertise in building to help end the project. Tanner was able to communicate effectively to resolve issues through a tense period.” And Tanner “used his areas of expertise to help the Foundation make progress towards its goals. The housing initiative and the Lake Arrowhead project are two examples of the past year in which he has gone above and beyond the normal duties of a board member. Additionally, he displays integrity and humility in his actions regarding the Foundation, making him a great steward in the community for our organization.” 

OCF Executive Director Dana Bensiner agrees.

“We are thankful for our board of directors, from 100% board giving to high attendance and engagement at meetings. In addition, each board member brings a unique perspective and talent. Tanner and Annette are prime examples of board members sharing their professional strengths to further our good work. Annette’s mediation background has been utilized facilitating important meetings with multiple partners. Her skills ensure everyone has a chance to be heard, we stay on task, and there is a clear plan moving forward. Also, she met with our senior staff members, guiding conversations and helping us plan for the organization’s future.  

Tanner has participated in several discussions around housing and helped connect the OCF with new partners in the housing arena. Additionally, he has volunteered countless hours sharing his experience with construction and real estate on a recent project with several community partners to build a home for a family impacted by the tornado.” 

OCF Executive Director Dana Bensinger

Our volunteers and board members generously contribute their time, skills, and experience, enabling the OCF to fulfill its mission to activate generosity for a strong community. We couldn’t do it without community members like Annette and Tanner. Thank you for all you do!