The first four months of the COVID-19 Response Fund mirrored the local ebbs and flows of the virus.  Spikes of  multiple transactions, including gifts coming into the fund from generous donors and grants awarded out weekly to fund local nonprofits experiencing significant need during these unprecedented times. $122,000 has been raised and of that $75,000 has been invested back into the community in the form of grants.  Most recently the Giving Tree Food Pantry (Johannesburg) received a grant for a walk in cooler to help increase sustainability.  The demand on the rural pantry has surged from serving an average of 50 families pre-Covid to 500 families in recent weeks. 

While we anticipate future needs to arise, the demands and requests for the fund have flattened over the last month along with contributions.  With nearly $50,000 remaining in the fund, the OCF Grant Committee and staff are working behind the scenes to prepare for what might lie ahead.  In order to help prioritize we are seeking input from our nonprofit partners.  If you work or volunteer for a local nonprofit, please click here to complete a survey designed to measure the impact of COVID-19 as well as gauge up coming demands .  The survey results will help the OCF continue to efficiently and effectively manage precious community resources, including awarding grants.  The deadline to complete the survey is 5 pm on July 13.