Did you know drinking beer can benefit your community? Starting on March 18th, what would have been Doug Madden’s 80th birthday, Snowbelt Brewing Company (132 W Main St) will donate $1.00 of every pint sold of Bodacious Bohemian, a German Pilsner, brewed with the input of Bo Madden, Doug’s son.

“Bodacious Bohemian was created after my Snowbelt trivia team won on Valentine’s Day 2018. Prizes that evening included gift cards, chocolates, and the opportunity to name, select the style, and help brew Snowbelt’s next beer. The team let me name and select the style of that beer. I selected a classic style, a bohemian pilsner, like one of my favorites, Pilsner Urquel.  Brewer Nate Muellenberg researched the style and prepared this excellent recipe. I thought of the name Bodacious Bohemian because both words start with the letters in my name, Bo. Thank you Angielina and Nate Muellenberg for this special opportunity. I hope you enjoy it.” Bo Madden

“Doug would be so pleased and proud to be a part of this event that will help this community – his community, our community. He loved it here! He enjoyed being a part of the car business and supported all local enterprises. A friend to all. He earned the respect of others by sharing his strong work ethic, his creativity and many talents, his sincerity, kindness, and generosity.” stated Pam Madden.

“Since we opened Snowbelt Brewing Company, we have had the philosophy to support the community that we live and work in,” said Angielena Muellenberg, who co-owns the brewery with her husband Nate. “We are happy to sponsor a donation beer to benefit the Doug R. Madden Fund of the OCF. We believe in the motto ‘Shop Local, Drink Local, Think Local and Support Local’”.

“This is the fourth time Snowbelt Brewing Company has chosen to support the OCF with a donation beer. Angielena, Nate and their staff have gone over and above supporting organizations in this community,” noted Karin Beyer, OCF Director of Community Philanthropy.

So head down to Snowbelt, grab a bar stool and order a pint, or more, of Bodacious Bohemian and feel good about helping your community.

Visit Snowbelt’s website to learn more about their company and community involvement.