If you made a donation, were a corporate partner, volunteered, or attended Extreevaganza Starry Starry Night, THANK YOU. With your generosity a record $78,000 was raised during this philanthropic evening that benefits the Community Fund of the Otsego Community Foundation. In the spirit of Extreevaganza, the Community Fund is an evergreen, planted in 1994 and nurtured to benefit the community we love. During this night of goodwill we heard from Dana Bensinger, Executive Director of the OCF, about the impact this fund has had in the community.

You will notice that this is a diverse list covering everything from basic needs like food and shelter, to mental and physical health like tennis, hockey and counseling, As well as arts and culture, economic development, conservation and more. We are confident that every person in our community has been connected to one, if not several of the grantee organizations that were spotlighted that night. Joining Dana on stage were representatives from organizations who have benefited from the Community Fund and they each held a pine cone to represent pine cones recently produced by the evergreen:

  • Bob, Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital: Enhancing local healthcare by integrating technology at McReynolds Hall
  • Alison, Otsego Wildlife Legacy Society: Protecting our precious natural resources through conservation activities for all ages
  • Gail, Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan: Providing safety, comfort, acceptance, and a path for healing for survivors of domestic and sexual violence
  • Paul, Otsego Economic Alliance: Training emerging entrepreneurs, stimulating our economy
  • Ellen, Health Department of Northwest Michigan: Encouraging new moms through breast feeding support
  • Darla, Wellspring Lutheran Services: Connecting kids in foster care to extra curricular opportunities
  • Dona, Otsego County Commission on Aging: Implementing programs that help people age successfully and proactively plan
  • Kellen, Gaylord School Band Boosters: Inspiring a love for music through high school band

Extreevaganza is not about planting a new tree, it’s about tending to a tree with strong roots. With the generosity from this year’s event, that evergreen is continuing to be nurtured. The Community Fund touches the lives of those around us and ourselves.


To view pictures from the event please use the following link from Moments Photography: https://momentsphotomi.pixieset.com/otsegocommunityfoundationextreevaganza/