History: A record or account of past events. We are lucky in Otsego County to have an amazing organization that helps tell and archive our local history. At the Otsego County Historical Society (OCHS), you connect directly with the past!

Learn about your ancestors and explore the history of our community using the Past Perfect software that was funded by a grant from the Gordon G. Everett Family Fund of the Otsego Community Foundation. The software is an archival system that allows anyone with internet the ability to browse the Society’s entire archive database. This includes historical photos and documents, as well as photo/information about archived objects.

The Otsego County Historical Society collection contains material from hundreds of years ago through present day, documenting the lives or ordinary and extraordinary people and events. The successful implementation of the Past Perfect online system is beneficial to students, families, businesses and organizations not only in Otsego County, but also nationwide and worldwide. “Thirty-one percent of our members reside outside of the county. Another 25-30 percent reside in other areas during winter months. Internet access resulting from implementation of this project has provided access for historical research for this segment as well as anyone unable to visit our museum in person,” noted Executive Director Jim Akins.

The big benefit of the software is that it provides a readily accessible means for anyone researching for a photo or document relating to the history of Otsego County. For example, if you are looking for a photograph, you can search the database at your leisure. After you find a photo or photos that you are looking for, it’s as easy as a phone call or email to the OCHS with the archive number of the photo and the OCHS will email you a full resolution version.

The greatest reward of the software is the ease for the end user and to keep the history of our county alive.