“We wanted to make a difference in our community while remembering my brother and sister,” said Regan Quaal reflecting on the newly established Stephanie J. and Brian L. Quaal Mental Health Fund of the Otsego Community Foundation. “Both of my siblings suffered from mental illness. It’s very exciting to have a fund in their names that will offer assistance to others with similar struggles. “

Regan and his wife Sandra visited the OCF in the spring to discuss their ideas emphasizing the importance of mental health. Because their goal was to strengthen mental health throughout the county they were encouraged to start a field of interest fund. This type of fund targets a specific area of the community, in this case mental health. Grants will be made from the fund to local nonprofits to support programs that improve mental health. In January, nonprofits serving the mental health field are encouraged to apply through the Community Grant Program, to learn more about this opportunity please visit https://www.otsegofoundation.org/apply/grants/.

“We have already reached out to a few of our nonprofit partners and expect to make some exciting announcements next month.” stated Dana Bensinger, OCF Executive Director. “This gift is so special and timely. As our community re-engages and aims to recover, we are seeing an increase for mental health services across all populations. The Stephanie J. and Brian L. Quaal Mental Health Fund is going to make a difference in the lives of people today and for years to come.”

If you would like to make a contribution to the fund go to https://www.otsegofoundation.org/give/.