Could you take a few moments to help gather information on the child care available in Otsego County?

Accessible and affordable childcare is a barrier faced by families, and the ALICE (asset limited income constrained, employed) report released yesterday illustrates this. 

THE GOAL: Remove the child care barrier for people in our community 

The shortage of childcare options in Otsego County has been a local issue for years and has only been amplified by the pandemic. Shortage in childcare creates stress for families, for employers seeking to retain workers and for new industries hoping to come to Otsego County.

The Otsego County United Way in partnership with the Otsego County Economic Alliance and the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce are working to develop more local options. Our goal is to create a high quality, nonprofit childcare center in Otsego County. This survey is an effort to assess both the current available childcare resources and the unmet needs of the community. We are asking local employers and community members to illustrate the gaps between what childcare exists and what is needed. We are so grateful for your time and support by completing this survey. 

There are two survey options: one for employers and one for community members. Please fill out the one that is appropriate for you. If you have questions, do not hesitate to email:

Community Survey

Employer Survey