This year marks the 9th annual 100+ Women Who Care event, which will be held on 5/14/24 at Otsego Resort. In one hour, women from our community hear from representatives of four local nonprofit organizations, drawn at random, and vote for their favorite. At the end of the evening, at least two grants are awarded, depending on the number of attendees. To date, in 8 hours, $125,000 has been awarded to nonprofit organizations that serve Otsego County.  

We found this article from 2016 when OCF Executive Director Dana Bensinger fulfilled her vision and brought 100+ WWC to Otsego County. Eight years later, this event continues to make a big impact on attendees and grant recipients.   

100 women, 1 hour brings $10,000, local impact

Judy Wagley Special to the Herald Times

The Petoskey News-Review

Published 9:50 AM – March 7, 2016

GAYLORD — The Otsego County Community Foundation is looking for not just a few, but 100 good women, as it launches “One Hundred Women Who Care” from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 17 at the Otsego Grand Event Center, 610 S. Wisconsin Ave. The new philanthropic program promises to make a positive impact on the community as well as on the women who participate.

Dana Bensinger, executive director of the community foundation, said women possess in their spirits a unique power to know when someone needs help. She noted “One Hundred Women Who Care” offers women an opportunity to come together and make a great and immediate impact in Otsego County.

“You may be a mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, single working woman, business owner, student, mid-career professional or retired volunteer,” Bensinger said. “No matter what roles you play, there is a spot available for you here. This is a simple, grassroots, no-frills effort designed to make a big impact very quickly. We want to let people know now, so they can start saving their money.”

Bensinger said many women tell her that they would like to get involved in the community but do not have the financial resources or the time to make a long-term commitment to any one organization.

“But they may be able to give $100 and one hour a year to raise $10,000 for local charities,” she said.

Bensinger explained how “One Hundred Women Who Care” works:

“First you become a member, then once a year we meet and you show up with $100 check or cash. Each member may nominate a local charitable organization. Three nominated organizations will be drawn randomly ‘from the hat’ and the nominating member will make a brief presentation about that organization’s mission. Then everyone votes and the organization with the most votes receives half of the amount collected; the other half is put into the Community Fund to be invested and forever used for anything charitable in Otsego County.

Bensinger said the women who join the effort are directly involved in the grant-making process.

“They get to have a say,” she said. “They are engaged and their votes direct where the $5,000 goes.”

Bensinger noted that 100 percent of all funds collected will go to the selected charities and the Community Fund, with no administration costs. All donations are tax-deductible.

She said the program gets its strength in numbers by making each member’s contribution part of a larger one.

“The goal is to make one big donation on behalf of the group,” she said. “To make a big impact, we want to give thousands of dollars at the end of each meeting. That is the power of being a member; you just did something amazing and impactful. The whole collective thing is pretty cool.”

She noted that despite its name, the program is not limited to 100 women.

“Absolutely not, if we can make a big impact with 100 women why not grow and make an even bigger difference? The more, the merrier we say!”

For more information and to register for “One Hundred Women Who Care,” visit, or call (989) 731-0597.